Rubicon Search

Rubicon’s key strength is its ability to make the right judgement call for both client and candidate. Rubicon “judges character”: the character of the candidate and his or her fit with the functional profile and client’s company culture.

The success of any executive search assignment depends on the intermediary’s judgment and personal attention for both client and candidate. Rubicon embodies this personal approach to executive search aimed at identifying the best match between candidate and client. We believe that such a match can only be found by dedication and focus on presenting the best candidate for the job.

Rubicon aims to always exceed the expectations of both client and candidate by working closely with both parties and delivering customised, occasionally out-of-the-box solutions. Driven by an intrinsic interest in people and their ambitions, we seek to build personal, successful and long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.

Rubicon has access to an elaborate and growing network of clients and candidates in its chosen sectors, supported by an informal group of senior industry advisors acting as our sparring partner.

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