Rubicon: How do you decide to cross the river?

After successfully conquering Gaul, Julius Caesar faced a crucial dilemma. Should he abide by the existing laws and mores of the Roman Republic by not crossing the river Rubicon or should he follow his own instinct and cross it to march on to Rome, to save that same Republic? He decided to cross the Rubicon, thus writing history and changing the course of the Western world.

Julius Caesar’s crucial step in 49 BC lies at the heart of the Rubicon story: his power to assess the situation and make the right decision.

A similar ability to assess and judge – although on a smaller scale – is involved in identifying the right candidate. How do you determine who you need for a certain role? How do you know whether you have found the best candidate?

The same questions arise when you are looking for a new career challenge. What is the next step? How do you determine whether the new job on offer is the right one for you?

These are important questions. Making the right decision is important for both client and candidate. Rubicon is keen to assist you in this process with its knowledge and experience in executive search.