Rubicon is dedicated to its Clients

Finding the right candidate for a role is crucial for any company, since people determine the success of a business. But it takes a lot of time and effort to find the best candidate, diverting attention from running the business and meeting company objectives.

Rubicon is able to provide a rapid, solid assessment of the job vacancy, company and potential candidates in order to identify the best person for that job in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our objective is to provide a candidate who meets the expectations as well as the job profile, exceeding the targets were possible. Rubicon will search for a candidate that can do the job successfully but can also provide the client with an edge. This is achieved through careful assessment of the client’s needs based on our extensive experience of the industry and by listening carefully to the key motivations of a candidate. Previous placements show that this approach successfully results in the best candidate for the job.

Rubicon operates swiftly and carefully with dedication and a lot of personal attention. We communicate regularly and thoroughly during the whole search process about our progress with potential candidates.